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technology and communication puo the world at your fingertips. your generation is uniquelyely poised for success unlike any generation of african-americans that came beforefr it. >> they include dr. martin luther king, jr., spike lee and am you'll jackson. >> recent scandals are not no hurting the president when it comes to his approval rating. cnn and orc shows 53 mrs. of americans approve of the job president obama is doing, whilee 45% disapprove. the numbers virtually up changed from polls taken from the scandal hit. >>> white house in firefighterring mode as a try effect that tries to derail the second term agenda. a fox 5 melanie almwick has your round-up. >> i think it's a 30 day review. those had a count-up. >> reporter: this badge did five sunday talk shows, white house senior adviser dan siphers turn, the associated press and beangzs talking point. where the white house said it won't spend a lot of time? >> if he was involved in those.t like i said the cart nal rule is you don't get involved in independent investigations andit you don't give the appearanceeaa doing so. >> i'
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1